Hi-Flow Fuel Filter with Removable Mesh Screen - Chrome Billet Aluminum - For Use with 5/16" ID Fuel Hose Line

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Need a Chrome Billet Fuel Filter that will keep up with that Hi-Flow set-up?

Look no further...


• Fuel Filters are CNC Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum.

• Fuel Filters are then Chrome Plated to look good for years to come.

Perfect for HI-FLOW applications that need a fuel filter that can keep up.

• The 5/16" barb accepts 5/16" ID Fuel Hose.

• Comes with a new o-ring. 

• The removable mesh filter allows for extra protection against debris entering your fuel system while still providing maximum flow.



Overall Length    =              3" 

OD                   =              1-3/8"






Any model that can accommodate the above listed dimensions with 5/16" ID Fuel Line.