Furick Cup® 8PRO - #8 Pro Pyrex Cup Kit with Mounting O-Rings - For AC/DC Welding with Mild Steel and Stainless Steel - Works with 45V44 or #17 Torch Adapter Kit - Made in USA

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Furick Cup 8PRO - #8 Pro Pyrex Cup Kit with Mounting O-Rings

Works with 45V44 or #17 Torch Adapter Kit


  • Comes with one #8 Pro Cup and mounting o-rings.
  • The #8 Pro Cup is an AC/DC polarity consumable with a 200 amp rating and has an inner diameter of .500 / 12.5mm.
  • Commonly used for most mild steel and stainless steel applications where good gas coverage is wanted and arc stability is critical.
  • The #8 size cup is a great all around size for most industrial, Hot Rod and hobbyist applications.
  • Will require 15 - 20 CFH of argon flow.
  • You can run 3/32" - 2.4mm or 1/16 – 1.6 mm tungsten with this cup.
  • Do not “walk the cup” with any Furickcup Borosilicate glass cups.


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  • Cups will mount on a 45V44 gas lens or a #17 torch kit.
  • #8 Pro Mounting

    If you have a #17, #18 or #26 size torch you will need a #17 kit.

    If you have a #9 or #20 torch you will need to have a 45V44 gas lens.

         If you have one already you can use it.

  Keep in mind that import brands yield lower results.

  • #17 #18 #26 Torch Fitment Information (Second to Last Image)

    These torches are usually supplied with all air-cooled welding machines. They are bulkier torches, but they can handle more amps than a #9 torch. The #18 size torch is a water cooled #17. You can identify if you have one of the listed torches by measuring the overall length of the collet body (1.875" or 47mm). These torches will come with standard cups. You will need a #17 kit to run a Furick cup, which will shrink your torch consumables down and leave you with a lighter more maneuverable torch.

  • #9 and #20 Torch Fitment Information (Last Image)
    These torches are usually purchased as an upgrade or come standard with water cooled machines under 300 amps. They are a lighter, more maneuverable and widely used in the aftermarket automotive industries as well as the production of light weight materials. You can identify them by the stock collet bodies and the cup length (1" or 24 mm in length.) With this torch you will need a 45V44 gas lens to run most Furick cups.