Rick's Motorsport Electrics® Lithium Ion Battery Compatible Regulator Rectifier 14-100 for Vintage Honda Street Bikes

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You forked out the cash for that fancy lithium battery. Now you can protect that investment with the proper charging system.

Rick's Motorsport Electrics® Lithium Ion Compatible Rectifier Regulator for Vintage Honda Street Bike models. Rick's part #14-100 is a direct replacement for the OEM piece that is made with a lower set point to work with Lithium Ion batteries. 


  • The voltage set point is 14V +/- .2v
  • Installation Instructions will be included - User's will need to designate a mounting spot for this rec-reg on their bike.
  • Please contact the manufacturer of your Lithium Ion Battery to ensure our product has the correct set point for their product.
  • Works great with Antigravity Batteries, Shorai and EarthX lithium ion batteries.
  • Fits Vintage Honda Street Bikes *Check FITMENT below to ensure this product will work for your bike.
  • This rec-reg is not for use with standard lead acid batteries.
  • Rick's Motorsport Electrics' One Year Product Warranty is for the Rec-Reg only. Rick's warranty does not cover batteries of any type.

*Add an Optimate charging system monitor by clicking here to keep an eye on your new charging system on the go


1972 - 1974 Honda CB350F Supersport

1975 - 1977 Honda CB400F 

1971 - 1973 Honda CB500K 

1974 - 1977 Honda CB550F 

1974 - 1978 Honda CB550K 

1975 - 1978 Honda CB750F Supersport

1969 - 1978 Honda CB750K SOHC

This rec-reg is not for use with standard lead acid batteries.