Oil-Embedded Bronze Bushing for Billet Proof Caliper Mounts - 3/4" or 1" ID, 1-1/8" OD, 1/2" Width - Made In USA

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Oil-Embedded Bronze Bushing

For Billet Proof Caliper Mounts


  • Startup friction causes these porous bronze bushings to release a thin layer of oil on the axle's surface.
  • You can use a hydraulic or manual press to install or remove this bushing.
  • This is perfect solution if you have decided to swap out axles or install a "Floating" caliper mount and need a different diameter bushing.
  • Available in 3/4" ID or 1" ID
  • For 1-1/8" Housing
  • 1/2" Wide


  • Universal fit item. Please see dimensions above.
  • This fits single and dual Billet Proof Caliper mounts.