Antigravity Batteries® Heavy Duty "Smart Clamps" - Replacement Jumper Cables with Built in Reverse Polarity and Short Circuit Protection - Only Works with Micro-Start XP-10

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The Heavy Duty Smart-Clamps for the Micro-Start XP-10 and XP-10HD were specifically designed for mechanics and tough use.

They offer unbreakable all copper construction, much stronger clamping strength and a larger clamping area for more contact. If you are often jump starting larger vehicles, we recommend these Heavy Duty Clamps! Additionally with the better connection you will get a better transfer of Power to start those hard to start vehicles.


Short circuit protection: If the two clamps accidentally touch, the Micro-Start will not be damaged.

Reverse polarity protection: If the clamps are connected to the incorrect terminals on the vehicle (Reverse Polarity) the Micro-Start will not be damaged.

• Did you already damage your cables?  These are the perfect replacement.


• For use with Micro-Start XP-10 ONLY.


NOTE: These Clamps DO NOT work with the Micro-Start XP-1, XP-3, XP-5 or SPORT.

We also offer “Smart Clamps” that work with those units.



Smart Clamps



Micro-Start XP-10 ONLY

Does NOT fit any other Micro-Start model