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Want to earn great money and have fun while doing it? Well look no further because Billet Proof Designs is hiring!


e-Commerce Fulfillment Specialist

We’re looking for a highly motivated, organized, and reliable person to oversee all areas of product delivery management and customer service. Knowledge of computers is a must. We are a motorcycle parts company, so the person who fills this role must have knowledge and experience, on some level, with the products we sell.

Some perks of the job are huge discounts on aftermarket motorcycle parts, team motorcycle rides, involvement in community events and bike shows, and access to a professional machine shop for after hours project work. Lastly, since we’re a small company of easygoing people that basically means no corporate BS! However, we work in a small office and are like a family. So we can’t have any clock-punching introverts here. If interested, please shoot us a message for the full job description or visit billetproofdesign.com/we-are-hiring


The e-Commerce Fulfillment Specialist is a position trained in multiple areas of product delivery management. This includes inbound order processing, order fulfillment, order packaging, and customer returns processing. This role's primary responsibility will be the safe, secure, and accurate fulfillment of online customer orders. The associate will also be cross-trained in a variety of processes within the operation and will be trained to perform a number of activities including the inbound receipt and replenishment of inventory, picking orders via physical, in-house inventory, and configuring, packing and prepping customer parcels for shipment. Secondary activities and work assignments will include online order return inspection and credit, online order return salvage, inventory control, parcel order load and shipment, and creation of product listings within our inventory management platforms (Amazon, Ebay, BigCommerce, etc.).

Key Accountabilities

• Order Fulfillment

• Efficiently pick customer orders or shipments to ensure that the correct number of units and type of product is picked and prepped appropriately.

• Read and disseminate information on the product specifications and packaging requirements.

• Inbound Receipt

• Efficiently unload, segregate, count and prep supplier and warehouse transfer inventory for compliance checks, customer defined pre-receipt checks, and systemic work station receipt.

• Quality Control

• Process and level inventory to include checking for correct size, information, and product type

• Inventory Control

• Accurately count and process inventory by location, unit count, size, barcode, and product type during inventory reconciliation and inbound receiving activities.

• Understand and utilize system computers and content management systems to monitor and move workload through the system.

• Assist in physical inventories and manage the accurate counting and reconciliation of customer inventory.

• Returns Processing

• Accurately distinguish inventory in order to pick inventory for a customer order or issue a customer credit during the returns and inspection process.

• Material Handling

• Load, unload, move, stock, stage, and transport product to shipping locations utilizing non-powered material handling equipment.

• Trained in the special handling requirements of specific product categories (i.e. motorcycle parts).

• General Warehouse

• Document quality checks and enter into the system.

• Maintain a clean, neat, orderly, and safe work area at all times.

• Complete daily inspection of equipment.

• Perform other duties as assigned by management or customer in a highly automated pick/pack environment.

Email us your resume and cover letter to sales@billetproofdesign.com