Sliding Dual Rear Brake Caliper Hanger Kit - Includes Black Billet Aluminum 2-Piston Calipers and Brushed Hanger, For Motorcycles with 3/4" or 1" Axles and 11.5" Rotors

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Running a foot clutch?

Want to eliminate your front brakes?

Need to up the anti on your rear brakes?

Look no further...


This kit comes with TWO Calipers and a SLIDING billet caliper hanger designed to fit many different applications.


2-Piston Calipers: (KIT Includes Two Calipers)

 • Aluminum calipers CNC machined from Billet Aluminum and Anodized Black (Also available in Polished).

 • Calipers come with brake pads, ground pin, pin spring, washers and a set screw.

 • Calipers feature square brake pads that slide freely on a centerless ground pin to prolong pad life.

 • Designed for use with DOT-5 brake fluid for optimum performance.


Sliding Dual Caliper Hanger:

 • The unique Sliding Caliper Hanger allows for fitment on MANY different applications.

 • CNC Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and given a brushed finish.

 • Comes with an oil impregnated bushing (Choose 3/4" OR 1" Axle).

 • Designed to be used with 11.5" rotors.

 • Kit can be installed on left or right hand side.

 • The mount itself is also available anodized BLACK.


Additional Accessories:

 • Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line (4 or 8 feet).

 • Two Chrome Banjo Bolts with Copper Crush Washers.

 • Three Chrome Banjo Fittings

 • 7" Stainless Steel Brake Stay

 • 11.5" Drilled Rotor




Length                         =          3-3/8"                           

Height                         =          2-7/8"

Depth (Face to Rear)      =          2-5/8"

Mounting Holes              =          Clearance for a 3/8” bolt on 3-1/2” centers



Width                          =          9-3/4"                           

Height                         =          6"

Thickness                     =          1/2"

Mounting Holes              =          Clearance for a 3/8” bolt on 3-1/2” centers




Anodized Gloss Black

Also available Polished



Brushed Aluminum


Anodized Black



3/4" OR 1" Axles WITH an 11-1/2" Rotor.

Please take measurements from your bike and compare them with the dimensions listed above before making a purchase.