Voltage Regulators & Rectifiers

The regulator/rectifier on your motorcycle performs the following two functions.

  1. RECTIFIER - Converts the AC power from the alternator into usable DC power so it will charge the battery.

  2. REGULATOR - Makes sure that voltage is delivered within certain limits.

    This is so the battery will not be damaged.

All of Rick's rectifier regulators are brand new parts and come with a one year replacement warranty. Most units are direct replacement pieces and come with the factory plug ends. This allows for an easy install - just unplug your part and plug ours in. We also know there is a need for universal rectifier regulators for certain unique machines. In this case, the rectifier regulator will come with wire leads only and you will need to hard wire it. Before replacing your rectifier regulator, be sure to read these instructions & check the integrity of all your electrical connectors. Item may vary from image.