Internal Throttle KIT WITH Metal Sleeve for use with Rubber Grips on 1 " Handlebars - Needle and Ball Bearing Construction with Spring-Assisted Return - Custom Harley Bobber Chopper

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This KIT includes the Internal Throttle and Metal Throttle Sleeve that will allow you to use Rubber Grips!


Does NOT come with grips.


Internal Throttle:

• The unique Needle and Ball Bearing Construction creates an extremely smooth operation over competitors internal throttles.

• Throttle also features a spring-assisted return for added safety.

• This kit uses three types of throttle bearings:

      5/32" x 5/16" x 1/8"

      3/8" x 7/8" x 9/32"

      5/8" x 13/16" x 5/8"

• Comes with detailed installation instructions.

• Basic Hand Tools required for proper installation.  (No Welding Required)

• The throttle side of the cable goes into a barrel in the throttle and is then secured with the provided set-screw.

• Custom Application for any bike with 1" Handlebars.

• The internal portion of the throttle slides into the handlebars just short of 2-1/2" (Roughly 2-15/16")


INSTALL NOTE: You will most likely need a longer cable to use with this internal throttle kit.


Throttle Sleeve:

• CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum.

• The throttle sleeve surface is knurled to properly secure your grips.

• The sleeve also comes with stainless steel set-screws to secure the sleeve to your internal throttle.

• Simply slide the sleeve over the throttle, tighten the set-screws and install your favorite set of rubber grips and you're good to go!


Choose from our wide variety of grips or use your own with this kit!






Internal Throttle:

Length (Overall)                -          7-1/4”

Length (Internal Portion)    -          2-15/32"

Length (External Portion)   -          4-3/4"

OD (Internal Portion)         -           3/4”

OD (External Portion)        -           31/32”


Throttle Sleeve:

Length                       -          4-5/8”

OD                            -           1-1/8”

ID                             -           1.015”



Custom Application for any bike with 1" Handlebars.

Basic Hand Tools required for proper installation.  (No Welding Required)