Gas Tank Hose Style External Fuel Gauge - Clear Hose w/ Aluminum 1/8” Stepped Flanged Tophat Bung and Nickel Plated Hardware

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Because running out of gas sucks…


Now with Nickel Plated Hose Barbs!


Everything you need to mount to your ALUMINUM gas tank or oil bag!


Nickel Plated Brass Elbows - 1/8" male NPT with a 1/4" barb.

• Clear Fuel Line Hose - 12" length, 1/4" ID, 3/8" OD.

Aluminum Bungs - 1/8" female NPT, 3/4" OD (Bungs are stepped to make welding a breeze).

• Constant-Tension Clamps - Heat treated stainless steel (stronger than carbon steel).

• Can be used with gas, gasohol and oil.

• We also offer a Sight Glass Kit as well as a kit with yellow Tygon hose.


***Pictures of Installed Kits have BRASS Hose Barbs and YELLOW Fuel Hose***



A universal item that should fit just about any aluminum tank.  

Make sure to check the above listed dimensions of the fittings prior to making your purchase.


Make sure to check out our installation video for a headache free fabrication!