Custom Shop


Billet Proof Designs is a full service machine shop with extensive knowledge in CNC vertical milling and turning, water jet and laser cutting, forming and welding.

We also have the ability transform your sketch or idea into something tangible. We can design and 3-D model your product so you can see your idea before it ever gets sent to a machine.





Custom “One-Off” Parts:

We can custom design and fabricate almost any part that you could imagine. 

Either contact us to design the part or send us a vectorized CAD file (.dxf .dwg .sldprt. stp .step .ai or .eps) and we will contact you after we have reviewed it.  If we have to design the part from scratch or from a non-vectorized CAD file, you will be charged a design fee (see pricing).



Prices vary from part to part, but start around $119 for a customized battery box within our existing product line.  3-D modeling and CAD design starts at $75/hr.

Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in having us fabricate a custom “one-off” part as material, design and machine time will all be factored into the quoted price.


Lead Time:

Once you have signed off on the drawing and we have received payment, most parts should take 2-3 weeks to complete.





Customizing Existing Parts:

We can machine a LOGO, club name, initials, or any message into one of our existing battery boxes, tag mounts or seat braces (within reason). 

If you are interested in having some custom work performed on an existing product line or just want something custom made, I would like to direct you to our subsidiary company, AQUA CUT TECHNOLOGIES. When you click on the link, you will be taken to our request for quote page where you can enter your contact information and specifics regarding your quote.  You are also able to upload a CAD file or preliminary sketch for us to review.  If you are unsure of what file types are acceptable, please see below.  We typically contact our customers within 24 hours.

Some things to consider for customizing our existing product line:


Vertical or Horizontal? (If it is a license plate tag mount)

Clamp or Belt style? (If it is a battery box)

Font name?  (Microsoft Word fonts ONLY)

Message (Limited characters depending on the part)

Accepted file types: .sldprt .dxf .dwg .stp .step .pdf .jpeg .bmp .tif .ai .eps


Customizing Gas Tanks and Oil Bags:

We can add any one of our existing gas tank/oil bag accessories to any one of our tanks or oil bags for an added cost. (Pricing Below)                    

If you have an OEM tank or a custom tank that you would like us to modify for you, we can do that as well. (Please contact us for pricing)


img-1731.jpg  Fuel Hose Kit with Yellow Tygon Fuel Line



FLUSH MOUNT Fuel Hose Kit with Clear Fuel Line


Current Pricing:

(Prices reflect the amount of the product listed PLUS installation and DOES NOT include the price of the gas tank or oil bag itself.  Prices subject to change.)

Fuel Hose Kit (Clear or Yellow Tygon Fuel Hose): $50

FLUSH MOUNT Fuel Hose Kit (Clear or Yellow Tygon Fuel Hose): $60

"12 Gauge" Sight Glass Kit (Brass or Nickel Sight Glass): $55

FLUSH MOUNT "12 Gauge" Sight Glass Kit (Brass or Nickel Sight Glass): $100



 FLUSH MOUNT "12 Gauge" Nickel Sight Glass Kit



"12 Gauge" Brass Sight Glass Kit


Still have questions or want to get a quote for some custom work?

Fill out our contact form, give us a call at (484)652-8010 or email us at Sales@BilletProofDesign.Com