Complete Motorcycle Wiring Harness Kit - Waterproof Electronics with Diagnostic LEDs

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This wiring kit uses all the latest high tech electronics to make wiring your bike a breeze!


• The sealed main electronic module is compact and features brackets that allow you to mount it to just about any frame.

• All flasher, relay & circuit interrupters are included in one small package that can be mounted in a wide variety of locations.

• This module and its plugs are waterproof.

• The module itself has diagnostic LED's used to locate shorts or overloads, which is a big help when wiring and troubleshooting issues.

• The use of separate connectors allows you to unplug certain wires without having to cut and re-soldier.

• Kit includes all wires, connectors, module & heat shrink tubing along with detailed instructions.

• The circuit breaker protection circuits are internal to the box.

• The unit will provide the starter wire/current to the starter button and to the starter relay.  

• This unit provides 12V to power the ignition system (pin 6 white w/ black stripe to coil), but does not include any engine control, management or timing/advance functionality.

• Controls self-cancelling turn-signals, but you will need the indicator.

• This unit may or may not function correctly with LED type signal or LED type brake lights, because of their very low current draw.  In some cases resistors or load equalizers may help, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with all LED type bulbs



Satin Black



Length (Module Body)         -           5-1/16”

Length (w/ Mounting Tabs)  -           6-1/8"

Width   (Module)                 -           2-1/8”

Height  (w/ Mounting Tabs)  -           2-3/8”

Module Mounting Holes        -           5/32" on 5-7/8" Centers

Weight (Entire Kit)              -           2 Pounds 9.6 Ounces



Should work with MOST electrical systems.