New Solid Brass Gas Caps

New Solid Brass Gas Caps

Posted by Dan Doyle on 22nd Jan 2016

Check out these BRASS BEAUTIES!

The wait is over and so is paying high prices on brass gas caps.

We bought a ton of material and pumped out a bunch of caps which allowed us to lower the price to ONLY $39.99 SHIPPED!

Included is your choice of a Steel or Aluminum Bung.

The Facts:

Easily welds to any tank...

Knurled Cap - Machined from a solid piece of brass and polished.

Non-Vented - Cap will have to be drilled out if a vented cap is needed.

• Bungs - Machined from either D.O.M steel or 6061 aluminum and stepped to make welding a breeze. Just drill a 1" hole and drop it in!

1/8" Buna-N O-Ring - Temperature range -35 to +250 F. Durometer hardness is A70.

MADE in the USA!



OD = 1 5/8"

Height (Including Threads) = 3/4"

Knurled Edge = 1/4"

Bung ONLY:

OD = 1 5/8"

Height = 3/8”


Brass Cap

Buna-N Seal

Steel Bung