New Product: Antigravity RE-START Batteries

New Product: Antigravity RE-START Batteries

Posted by Will Garrity on 6th Mar 2018

This is the World’s First Battery with Built-in Jump-Starting. The RE-START function is essentially the world’s first built-in Jump Starter. Antigravity's one-of-a-kind RE-START Technology intelligently monitors its voltage and will put itself to sleep if it senses over-discharge, yet amazingly saves just enough reserve energy to start your vehicle. For example you left your motorcycle lights on overnight – normally a dead battery emergency, but not with the restart function.

Simply press the RE-START Button located on top of the battery to start your vehicle and drive away. No need for Jumper cables, Booster Pack or assistance. Also, a Remote Re-Start Button will soon be available so you can activate RE-START without accessing the battery, or removing seat or fairing on the vehicle.

Not only does the RE-START battery save riders from dead battery emergencies, it is the first powersports battery to offer a full onboard Battery Management System (BMS). Antigravity's new RE-START Batteries offers a true BMS, with full time Lithium Cell Balancing, Low-Voltage Cut-off, Over-discharge/ Over-charge protections and temperature protections. Here is a list of some of the key features:

  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Dual polarity
  • Lithium Cell Balancing
  • Low-Voltage Cut-off
  • Over-discharge/ Over-charge protection
  • Temperature protections
  • 4-Terminal Post Design

We see the dual polarity as an essential feature for all batteries moving forward. The ability to install them both ways into a build is fantastic. These RE-START batteries are also a much better segue into the lithium battery market for the average motorsport user. Without having to worry about voltage dropping too low, they eliminate that constant headache of whether or not our trusty steed will start; something that we ALL deal with as riders.

Long story short, Antigravity's RE-START batteries are revolutionizing the motorsport battery market. We're proud to be able to offer you, our customers, such a great product.