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About Us

Company Info:

Billet Proof Designs incorporated in the fall of 2005 as an engineering and design company that catered to the offshore powerboat industry.  We designed and manufactured parts for companies such as Fountain Power Boats, Donzi, Pro-Line and Grady White.  As we grew, so did our capabilities.  We added a water jet and forming equipment to improve our products and better serve our customers.  Somehow we managed to do all this with just two employees. 

When the recession hit and the economy took a turn for the worse, we lost many of our marine customers and had to figure out a way to keep the doors open and lights on.  Since I was five, I have been riding and have had a passion for anything with two wheels.  It’s my escape and my way of getting away without going away.  I figured I would try something I love and decided to make a go at the aftermarket motorcycle industry.  After much research, I learned that this is very small market with very few suppliers, and the suppliers out there seem to have all the same products.  With that knowledge we decided to begin design on our own line of parts and accessories.

We believe that enthusiasts should work on their projects as much as possible and we realize that not everyone has a shop full of equipment.  That’s why we came up with our "Builders" Line that focuses on parts that only require minor fabrication.  These parts are intended for builders that have a welder, a few hand-tools and some know-how.  However, we do understand that not everyone has the appropriate tools or space, so we also offer every one of our parts fully fabricated.

So here we are, two friends having fun doing what we love.  We work hard and have a great time doing it.  We hope you appreciate the work that we’ve done to make our parts and this site as entertaining and helpful as possible. 

Dealer Program:

At Billet Proof Designs, we are always looking to expand our dealer network. For all eligible dealers and shops, Billet Proof Designs offers the same great products at wholesale prices on all bulk orders.  If you are interested in becoming part of our dealer network all you have to do is contact us.