“Swiss” Style License Plate Tag Mount - Textured Black Aluminum

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Dubbed "Swiss" because of all the holes we punch into it, this tag mount is extremely lightweight (Only 4.5 Ounces!), easy to modify and now available in black...Perfect for any Cafe Racer, Bobber or Chopper build!


• Machined from 11 GA 5052 Aluminum and ANODIZED BLACK.

• The 8" long "tang" can be cut to length allowing the mount to work with MANY different applications.

• Reliefs cut into the mount make it perfect for a light weight Cafe Racer build.

• Simply cut the "tang" to length (or don't), drill some mounting holes, bend it (or don't) and mount it.

• We offer a bunch of different tag mounts (Axle, Shock, Fender AND Frame Mount) designed to fit just about any bike.



Anodized Aluminum (BLACK)



Length              -            11”

Width               -            7”



(License plate NOT included) 

Can be cut to length to work with MANY different applications.  

Please check above listed dimensions to make sure that it will work with your application.