Lever Style Shut Off Valve Petcock w/ 1/4" NPT Stepped Flanged "Tophat" Bung and Fuel Hose Kit

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Set your next build off with this awesome gas tank accessory kit! Available with a Bung, Barb, Hose and Clamp


We have MANY different configurations available.


Lever Style Stop Cock / Petcock constructed of High Grade Brass and Steel.

Male 1/4" NPT and Female 1/4" NPT

Barbs - 1/4" NPT with a 1/4" barb - Straight or 90 deg Elbow

Bung - 1/4" Female NPT with a 1" OD (Stepped to make welding a breeze). 

Fuel Line / Tygon Hose - 12" Length, 1/4" ID, 3/8" OD - Clear or Yellow

Constant-Tension Clamp - Heated treated stainless steel (Stronger than carbon steel)

Can be used with gas AND gasohol.

Maximum pressure = 100 psi @ 150° F

Temperature Range = 32° to 150° F


Dimensions: Stop Cock

Length             =             1-15/16"

Male NPT         =            1/4”

Female NPT      =            1/4”



Any tank/oil bag that will support the listed dimensions.