Fender Mount License Plate Bracket with Duolamp "STOP" Tail Light - Textured Black Bracket, Gloss Black Ford Model A Style Tail Light

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This Tag Mount comes with a BLACK "STOP" Ford Model A DUOLAMP Tail Light!


You can't beat this level of QUALITY and DURABILITY for this PRICE!


• Machined from 11 Ga HRPO Steel and powder coated textured black.

• Black "STOP" '28-'31 Ford Model A DUOLAMP Tail Light and SS mounting hardware included.

• Comes pre-bent, countersunk and powdercoated.

• Ready to mount right out of the box!



Fender Mount - Semi-Gloss Textured Black Powder Coat

Tail Light - Gloss Black Powder Coat



Length              -            7-1/2”

Width               -            4-5/8”



(License plate NOT included)