BLEMISH: Light Surface Scratches - 1928-1931 GLOSS BLACK Ford Model A DUOLAMP LED Motorcycle Tail Light Lamp 12 VOLT - LED Gloss Black Powder Coat - BRAKE (Stop) Light, TAIL (Running) Light and a TAG Light - Harley Chopper Bobber Cafe Racer

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Reason: Light Surface Scratches (SEE LAST PHOTO)



Tired of blowing out tail light bulbs on your rigid chopper..?


• Super bright LED tail lights can hold up to the vibrations that your bike can put out.

• Powder coated in a durable Gloss Black finish.

• Easily mounts to anyone of our tag mount kits.

• Tail light, brake light and tag light built in.

• Also available in a POLISHED finish.



Gloss Black


Diameter            -            3-3/4”

Depth                 -            2-1/4”

Bolt hole centers are 1-3/4” apart


Anyone of our tag mount kits that accept a “Model A” taillight.



Our LEDs are waterproof and come with a lifetime warranty!!


Wiring Tips

  On all DUOLAMP tail lights there is a green wire and a black wire. 

  Green= Stop & turn signal

            Black= Tail light (running light)

  The metal housing of the tail lamp is the ground. You can ground the housing in two ways. 

 1. If the housing is coated, you can take some off of the tail light to expose bare metal. That bare metal on the housing needs to touch bare metal where it bolts to your mount. 

 2. Simply run a wire from a bare metal surface of the light housing to a good chassis ground. That should do it.