“Blank” OEM Style Battery Box with Clamp for Harley Davidson Battery Part #65989-97B - Belt Style, Flat Or Welded, Made In The USA

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Another item from Billet Proof’s “Builders” line-up… 


• Machined from 11 GA HRPO steel and shipped unfinished.

• Perfect fit for HD Battery part # 65989-97B (see "Fitment" below).

• Hardware, battery clamp, coupling nuts (5/16-18) and detailed instructions are included with kit.

• The bottom and back of the battery box have scalloped areas to provide more room for additional mounting options.

We offer many different styles (pictured) that feature either the "Clamp" or "Belt" hold-downs.

• F;lat battery boxes are designed to be bent by hand and welded.

• Made in the USA using domestic material.


Don’t have a welder?  Let us do it for you for ONLY $10!


Dimensions:  (Assembled Battery Box)


Length             =             6-7/8 "  

Width              =             4" 


Length             =             8"

Width              =             4-1/4"

Height             =             3-1/16" (Front)            4-5/8"(Rear) 



Uncoated Steel



HD Battery part # 65989-97B

Deka ETX16, ETX16L

Odyssey PC625, PC535

EarthX Motorsports - ETX24D, ETX36D

As well as any battery that fits within the below listed dimensions.