Billet Proof® Oil Tank Sight Window Gauge with Bung- “Barrel Style” Brass Housing, Aluminum 1/8" NPT Stepped Flanged Tophat Bung

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Now you can keep an eye on your oil…

Everything you need to mount to your ALUMINUM oil bag!


Brass Sight Window - 1/8" male NPT -  3-5/16" Overall Height with a 2-1/8" Window

Aluminum Stepped Bung  - 1/8" Female NPT, 3/4" OD Flange (No more dropping your bungs in your tank during installation).

• Also available with a Steel Bung.

• The "Barrel" spins 360 degrees so you can mount it on either side of the tank in several configurations.

• We also offer a larger kit with a 5-5/16" sight window.

• Polypropylene balls are used to help reduce leakage in the event that your bike is leaned over to the point that oil is able to flow past the breather.

Please keep in mind that in order for this gauge to read your oil level properly, it must be equip with a breather.

Therefore you must make sure to mount your gauge so that the breather is positioned ABOVE the oil level at its highest point.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Keep in mind to account for the way the bike leans when resting on the kick stand or leaning the bike over into a turn.



A universal fit item that should mount to just about any ALUMINUM oil bag.

Make sure that the you will have room for the bung and sight window prior to purchase.