Billet Proof® Battery Box for Antigravity Batteries® AG1201, AG1601 - Small Case 12/16 Cell, Belt Style, Blank, Flat Or Welded, Made In The USA

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Another item from Billet Proof’s “Builders” line-up of custom motorcycle parts


• Machined from 11 GA HRPO steel and shipped unfinished.

• This battery box is intended for use with Small Case 12/16 cell batteries (AG1201 and AG1601) using a leather belt or a Velcro strap to secure the battery to the box itself.

• Detailed instructions are included with kit.

• The bottom and back of the battery box have scalloped areas to provide more room for additional mounting options.

• The last picture features our battery box with a 16 cell case (AG1601).

We offer many different styles (pictured) that feature either the "Clamp" or "Belt" hold-downs.

• Flat battery boxes are designed to be easily bent by hand and welded.

• Made in the USA using domestic material.


Don’t have a welder?  Let us do it for you for ONLY $10!


Dimensions:  (Assembled Battery Box)


Length             =             4-1/2 "  

Width              =             3-5/16" 


Length             =             4-3/4"

Width              =             3-9/16"

Height             =             2-5/16" 



Uncoated Steel




Maltese Cross




Antigravity Small Case 12/16 Cell (AG1201 and AG1601)

As well as any battery that fits within the below listed