Antigravity Batteries® YT12BS-16 Lithium Ion Battery - 480 CCA, OEM Ducati© Case Size, 16 Cell

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This is a direct replacement for the stock lead/acid YT12-BS battery with TWICE THE CCA yet it weighs 5 pounds less! This is Antigravity’s Hi-Power version of YT12-BS OEM case format. This battery has 16-Cells with 480 CCA. It is a direct replacement for Ducati motorcycles as well as many others. It offers TWICE the cranking power over the lead/acid version of the battery yet is about 5 pounds lighter! Great for modified bikes and racecars.


• Weighs 3 Pounds.

• 480 Cranking Amps (16Amp Hours PB Eq)

• The most powerful direct replacement for YT12-BS batteries.

• 40% more powerful than a Shorai of similar size.

• Capable of cranking small 8-cylinder racecar motors (1500cc everyday use bike. See “FITMENT” below.)

• Mounts just about ANYWHERE.  Even upside down.

• Vibration resistant.

• Hold a charge for up to a year provided there are no “Parasitic Drains.”

• Built to high quality standards with large all brass unbreakable terminal design.

• Industry leading 3-Year Warranty!

• Waterproof!



We also offer SAE Car Terminals for this battery for ONLY $18.99 SHIPPED!!!

As well as Terminal Covers for ONLY $8.99!!!! (Please note that the battery pictured is for demonstration purposes ONLY)


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Length  = 5-7/8"              

Width   = 2-3/4"              

Height  = 5-1/8"

Weight = 3 Pounds



Length  = 150mm            

Width   = 78mm              

Height  = 130mm

Weight = 1.36 Kg



Battery (Charged)

(2) Terminal Bolts 

3 Year Warranty (See manufacturers website for details)



• Excellent for everyday use in bikes up to 1500cc (race bike 1700cc). 

• A more powerful direct replacement for stock vehicles using Lead/Acid YT12-BS batteries.

• Excellent for use in Race Cars of all types including some V-8 motors.

• Water or snow use up to 1000cc.

• Excellent for modified motors, adventure bikes and applications where extreme power and larger amp hour capacities are needed.

• Please note if you use older classic bikes from mid 1980s and earlier you should update the charging systems to a modern voltage regulator, damaged voltage regulator can overcharge the battery and damage it.


We have a Lithium Ion battery for just about ANY application.