Antigravity Batteries® Micro Start XP-10 Jump Starter w/ Mini Mobile Tire Inflator Emergency Road Side Auto Kit - Battery Jump Starter & Charger

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AG-XP-10, AG-MSA-9

XP-10 Micro Start - Battery Jumper / Personal Power Supply and Mobile Tire Inflator

Antigravity XP-10 Jump Starter Tire Inflator

No need to worry about your cell phone, laptop or even DIESEL TRUCK battery dying no matter where you are! This extremely compact inflator allows you to use your vehicles cigarette lighter or Micro-Start XP-1/XP-10 to inflate your vehicles tires no matter where you are! 

This is Antigravity Batteries latest and MOST POWERFUL micro jump starter and personal power supply.  It has a capacity of 18,000 milliamps and up to 600 peak amps for massive starting capabilities! Nothing on the Market compares. Order today and experience the quality of this Antigravity jump starter and tire inflator power station.


Antigravity XP-10:


• Weighs 18 ounces and fits in your back pocket.

• Will jumpstart a diesel truck!

• Holds a charge for up to a year.

• Charges a smart phone in 30-60 minutes (yes, even the iPhone5).

• 4 Power Ports: 

        19v for laptops.

        12v standard output for all 12v accessories.

        (2) USB 5v for charging or powering ANY 5v USB device.

• Comes in a convenient carrying case with all of the required adapters.

• Built in High Powered LED light with pre set flash patterns including “S.O.S.”

• LED battery capacity indicator tells you how much life is left on your Micro-Start.

• Automatically shuts off when not in use to conserve power.

• Built in over-charge and over-discharge protection to avoid harming your battery.



Length = 9"              

Width = 3.2"              

Height = 1.2"

Weight = 18 Ounces


Included in XP-10 Carrying Case:

•  Micro-Start XP-10 Unit.

•  Detachable “SMART” mini jumper clamps with built in over-charge and reverse polarity protections.

•  1 Black Universal Cable with 8-different detachable tips to fit all the different brands of Laptop charging ports. (Apple except 16 volt laptops, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, and more)

•  1 Black Universal Cable for all 12v Accessories such as Mobile DVD players, or other 12v Accessories.

• 1 White Universal 4 into 1 USB Cable - Fit most 5v USB chargeable electronics such as all Cell Phones, iPads, iReaders (Kindles), Go Pro Cameras, GPS, tablet computers, and anything else using the 5V USB standard  (tips included are Mini USB , Micro USB, Apple 8 pin, Apple 30 pin)

• 1 Home Charger

• 1 Mobile Charger for plugging into cigarette lighter socket



Laptops (not compatible with Apple 16v Laptops)

Cell Phones


Go Pro Cameras

iPhones (Including iPhone5)





MP3 Players

Blue Tooth Devices


Cameras and more


Tire Inflator:

• Compact - 4.25” x 3.5” x 1.5” 

• Lightweight - Only one pound!

• Use with your vehicles cigarette lighter or Micro-Start XP-1 and XP-10.

• Features a bright LED light for use at night.

• Detachable cables allow for easy stowing.



Length = 3.5"              

Width = 1.5"              

Height = 4.25"


Included with Tire Inflator:

• (1) Inflator

• (1) 12" cable (SAE to DC 5.5mm) for use with MICRO-START XP-1 and XP-10’s 12v output for portable use.

• (1) 9ft long cigarette lighter cable that can reach any tire on a typical vehicle.

• (1) Needle tip for inflating sports balls

• (1) Plastic tip for small inflatables.


NOTE: Always use proper tire inflation procedures for your vehicle. The gauge is only accurate to within 3-4 lbs.



Buyer Beware: There are cheap knockoffs being sold as "Antigravity" brand parts all over the internet.  They ARE NOT covered under Antigravity Batteries' warranty nor are they built with the same quality materials.  They look identical to the ones pictured in this listing.  If the price is "too good to be true," so is the part.


Our prices are as low as the manufacturer will allow us to set them at and you can buy with confidence knowing that this part is covered by Antigravity Batteries' Industry leading Warranty.